Ohakune Chocolate Eclairs

I love a secret.  Especially a family secret.  And the best of those, secret family recipes.

Although I have lived in the small town of Taupo for a large portion of my life I have never been to Ohakune and after discussing what to do with many people whilst there, everyone mentioned the Chocolate Eclair Shop.

Now the Ohakune grapevine, which is basically two ladies having a chat over some wine told me, that Johnny Nation created the greatest chocolate eclair recipe in the world and people all over New Zealand would visit the small snowy mountain town, venture to his store and delve into his french pastry treats. This recipe was so mysterious that Johnny's two sons (Allan and Steve) who worked with their father everyday did not know the recipe until close to his passing.  

Now the sons run the store together, and not only has this clandestine eclair become increasingly more popular but the sons only have to sell them 6 months of the year! AND those six months are winter.  I don't know about you, but the Nation boys have life sorted.  

Work during winter in a ski town - CHECK.  
Get all of summer off - CHECK 
Create a massive demand for your product because you cannot get it all the time (think Lewis Road Creamery Chocco Milk) - CHECK

I must admit I was rather dubious of this "wait 6 months for it" chocolate eclair, but we ditched the kids with their fathers at 7 am and took off into town.  A quick childless feed and a coffee later we stopped into the bakery.  There they were, they were HUGE.  There would be no seconds.  We ordered 18 and he didn't even bat an eye.  He just said, "Lucky you came in early, we have been selling out around 10 am every morning" and smiled at us like a man who knew his goods were the Sh*t


 The choux was glorious, the cream generous and topped off with a classic chocolate icing.  I would rate it an solid 8 out of ten.  Consistently good.  Bravo Johnny Nation, I don't think it is the best chocolate eclair I have ever had but your recipe and your sons' store have the market on it's knees. 

If you every are in the area, wake up early and pop in.  And for those that aren't close enough, give our recipe a go. They are good enough to make sure you can get your choux to rise!


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