Lamb, Kale and Silverbeet Gnocchi with Pesto and Lemon

This week I’m in my 30th week of pregnancy and I have to say this is the fastest time has ever flown!  I imagined to get out of the ‘bread and sniff it slump’ my fellow blogger and I have been experiencing I’d spend sober weekends writing recipes and being a pregnant babe…alas, as I’m nearing the end I wonder what I’ve been doing as its definitely neither of those.  I’d heard the saying “feed the baby” but never knew how much the baby actually needed feeding!  It’s in my nature (can I blame genes?) to eat frequently and eat a lot, but usually to always eat healthy.  My baby on the other hand loves sweets and carbs and so I feasted on what feels like nothing more than that for the first 3 months of this journey, endlessly. Pure gluttonous joy!
Now though, I’ve managed to find a healthy balance (apart from last Friday when I honed down 7 mini almond golds in approx. 4 minutes – seriously though Whittaker’s almond gold = EPIC, but we don’t dwell).  This recipe is delicious and what I call food harmony: carbs and veg (it also takes around 20 minutes from start to finish and is very cheap).  Of course once you sprinkle enough parmesan you can’t actually see any of the food (parmesan mountains = YES!!!) it turns into guilty pleasure. But hey, at least I’m trying.  And I’d like to see you tell a pregnant woman to go easy on anything, for real!

·        1 x packet store brought gnocchi
·        2 cloves garlic
·        4-5 sausages (I used lamb)
·        ½ bunch kale
·        ½ bunch silverbeet
·        ¼ - ½ cup pesto (I used store brought basil)
·        Juice of 1 lemon
·        Parmesan

1.      Boil jug and get hot water ready in a pot for the gnocchi
2.      Cut and squeeze sausage meat from sausages onto a plate/chopping board and separate into bite sized chunks
3.      Peel and slice garlic
4.      In a pan start frying the sausage meat.  This should only take about 7 minutes and you will need to drain the excess oil
5.      While the sausage meat is cooking, wash and finely slice the kale and silverbeet then add to the frying pan with garlic and a couple of teaspoons of hot water from the pot
6.      Once the kale and silverbeet start wilting, add the pesto and lemon juice – use as much as you desire to taste along with salt and black pepper
7.      Add the gnocchi to the boiling water (gnocchi is cooked as soon as it floats so be ready with your plates as this only takes minutes)
8.      Drain gnocchi keeping ¼ cup of the liquid and combine this with the meat and veg
AND YOU’RE DONE!  This recipe would be great with chicken or vegetarian with courgettes and/or peas.
Right now where are the rest of those almond golds…


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