GUEST BLOG: Felicity Rissetto from Little And Rawsome

I am lucky enough to have met the amazing Felicity while at university in Dunedin. She recently opened an amazing instagram account @littleandrawsome. which features all the healthy foods she and her family get to eat every day!

Anyway I will leave it to her to explain her passion, check out her insta, get following, it is definitely worth it!

And the Bread And Sniff It Crew hope you all have a happy and safe Easter.

My health journey!

I felt like I had always been pretty healthy, apart from a hiatus while at uni in Dunedin!  I had always been into smoothies, and played a lot of sports so had a healthy appetite, and needed the energy!  A farmers daughter from the ‘Naki originally, meat and three veg were common in our house, and were the basis for most of the meals we had.

My journey into wholefoods and superfoods came really when pregnant with my first child.  I suddenly became more aware about ingredients, and chemicals in food than ever before.  I wasn’t blessed with a baby that slept well – understatement - he was a nightmare!  I needed food to be an effective form of fuel for breastfeeding (trickier than it sounds when your baby is sensitive to foods that I ate), and a reliable source of energy to get me through those long days and even longer nights.  Any first time Mum will know that sleep dep is a big shock to the system, and it’s pretty hard to not become reliant on caffeine to get you through the day!  So, following the advice of a good buddy who is a nutritionist to ensure I was getting what I needed, I made some changes to make sure I was getting enough energy from my food.

I think having a kid is incredibly eye-opening.  All of a sudden you feel a sense of responsibility to be giving them the best nutrition to aid their little bodies in the mind blowing amount of development that’s going on.  You question things and wonder, if they can’t eat this, why should I?

It was from here that things went nek level.  I started replacing conventional products that I always thought were healthy, with healthier, less refined, more nutritious options.  It has led me on such an incredible journey of discovery – I eat all the things I loved before, but just have healthier versions.  A common breakfast in our house is banana pancakes with chocolate sauce, yoghurt and berries.  Sound good?  Ooooh yeah it does.  This is a pretty common breakfast in our house!  And it’s nutritious – as well as sugar free, dairy free, wheat free.

Holistic Health is my thing, I guess my philosophy is Eat Well and Exercise, it’s up to EWE!  Actually that’s my Dad’s bumper sticker idea but it’s catchy, and is a great recipe for living with vitality!  Because who doesn’t want to feel energised and healthy?  So anyway – my husband was getting sick of me talking about health food and my latest discoveries all the time so I started an instagram account @littleandrawsome.  Focused on healthy food for kids, babies and of course us big kids too.  Now I can share all of my tips, favourite foods, recipes and latest discoveries with anyone who’s willing to listen!  I love it.  So hit me up anytime for a chat :P

Banana pancakes:

1 ripe banana, mashed
4 eggs
1 cup of milk (I usually use nut milk or coconut milk to make it dairy free but any milk will do)
½ tsp vanilla extract

Mix wet ingredients together

Dry ingredients

½ c white spelt flour
½ millet flour
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder

Mix dry ingredients together then stir in the wet ingredients.  Add more milk if you feel it’s a bit thick (depending on what flours you end up using it can affect the consistency).

Heat coconut oil in a fry pan, once melted, turn element down slightly and add one ladle of mixture at a time to the pan.  Flip when you’re seeing lots of bubbles come to the surface.

Serve with pure organic maple syrup and fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt.

My personal fave is pancakes with coconut yoghurt, chocolate sauce, and raspberries.  Mmmmm mmmmm.


Choc sauce – ½ c macadamia  oil, ½ t vanilla extract, 1 c maple syrup, 1 c cacao powder, pinch of salt – BLEND!

I usually half the mixture and this is enough for a few breakys.


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