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For those of you that don't know, we have another Bread And Sniff It baby on the way! Our little family is getting big with another addition and so we decided that in the spirit of the new baby we would like to add a few lifestyle posts to our regular food posts.  Hopefully you enjoy these posts as we start to do some DIY around our houses and decorating the new arrival's room.

Our first lifestyle post is for Fabric Pompoms, that I will be using to decorate Miss WJ's room.  You can make these fabric pompoms in a wide range of colours and sizes.  I have used mine to create a mobile for the babies room, while a girlfriend of mine has created large versions that she will hang directly from the ceiling. The world is your oyster, you can style them as you please, and as the colour choices are limited only by what you have at your local fabric store, you can create something that will match your nursery perfectly.

This instruction is adapted from Twist Me Pretty.

So what is a fabric pompom? 

Essentially it is a pom pom that is made with fabric instead of wool, or tissue paper.

The large versions can also be made and hung directly from the ceiling like this beautiful image from twistmepretty.com

What I needed to make my mobile:

6 x Styrofoam balls
1m of fabric for each colour

2 x packets of Dressmaker pins
Something to use as a circle template
pen or pencil
1 x steel ring (or wooden) whatever frame you would like for your mobile
50cm of ribbon, matching each of the colours you have chosen
Bead string
Nylon String
Hook to hang from ceiling
Hot Glue Gun (optional)

Instructions to make pom poms:
  1. Create your circle template, the size you use will depend on the size of your pompom. My styrofoam balls were 7cm in diameter, the template used was the lid of a metal jar which was approximately 4cm in diameter. You can also create a circle template by using cardboard. It will need to be stiff enough to trace around. 
  2. Take your material and fold together until you have approximately 12 pieces of material sitting in layers. Trace as many circle shapes onto your material as you can.  Then cut out all of the pieces and put aside. 
  3. take a single cut out circle. Fold in half, then fold in half again.
  4. Place a dress makers pin into the corner of the circle of fabric and press firmly into the ball. 
  5. Repeat until your entire styrofoam ball is covered.

  • I started in lines, following the lines around the full circumference of the circle, then broke into half, and then quarters and filled in the gaps. This made it easy to keep a consistency across the whole ball
  • The closer you place the circles of fabric together, the tighter the fabric pompom is. I placed each round almost a 6-8mm apart as I preferred the look to be looser, and it also meant less work for me. 

Creating the mobile

I used bead string to attach my pompoms to the metal frame instead of nylon string as I was having trouble tying the nylon string.  However to hang the entire mobile from the ceiling I would definitely recommend using the nylon string to carry the weight of the mobile.

  1. Wind the bead string around your fabric pompom, by gently "threading" through your petals of fabric until it is around the entire circumference and then knot multiple times until it feels secure.
  2. Trim the loose end.  Decide how long you want your pompom to hang and then secure the other end to the metal frame.
  3. Continue with the remaining pompoms in colour order, ensuring they are distributed evenly around the frame.
  4. Once they are in the correct position, I hot glue gunned the knots to the metal frame so that they would not move, but you do not need to do this if you do not want to. 
  5.  Take the ribbon, and tie across the metal frame so that it lines up with the two pompoms of the same colour.
  6. Find the centre of the ribbons, so that the weight is evenly distributed and mobile hangs straight and tie the nylon string around the centre.
  7. Secure hook into ceiling
  8. Tie other end of nylon string to hook.


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