BSKT Cafe - Nobby Beach, Queensland

Going on holiday always shows my obsessiveness when it comes to food. Before we leave I will spend hours trawling the internet, reading reviews, looking at pictures and basically dissecting top restaurants in an area, so I can make my holiday food plan.

I recently asked Nick what he wanted to do on our recent trip to the Gold Coast and he advised, "Just whatever you have sorted". He knows me well enough to know that we had a strict schedule with a list of restaurants or cafes that I wanted to try.

Unfortunately due to a very sick child and thunderstorms on the "sunny" Gold coast I only got to one of the restaurants that I wanted to try out and that was BSKT café.

On a great spot just behind the nobby beach surf club, this place is extremely busy on a Sunday morning. Be warned and book ahead. We were lucky to get a table as someone had just left, but most people who came in after us had reservations, something I would never have contemplated before.

The décor has the cool beach relaxed vibe and they have a great play area out the back for the kids.  The café focuses on healthy living and eating, and takes your everyday breakfast favourites and twists them to nutrient filled alternative. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner and I only wish I could have stayed longer and sampled some of their main meals that constantly flood their instagram.

BSKT café state "Our mission is to make you healthier every time you visit BSKT café through cutting-edge foods that use the highest quality, nutrient-rich, organic ingredients"

So let's get started on this review. As you know, out of Zen and I, I am not the healthy eater, and so I wanted to step a little out of my comfort zone and try something different and you know what I was pleasantly surprised.

We both started with coffees, Nick a latte, which was the perfect temperature and delicious bean roast, not bitter at all. While I had beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice, that was served up of course in a mason jar, and an espresso to jumpstart the heart. The drinks were great, I had never actually had a cold pressed vegetable juice before and I loved it, however not being my usual it definitely tasted better when accompanied with my food.

For the food I ordered a smoked, salmon, spinach and goats cheese omelette, the star being the salmon, which was beautiful and not that overly slimy cold smoked salmon found in most restaurants. The eggs still remaining the hero of the dish and served with a delicious super seed bread (reminded me of vogels YUM YUM YUM).

The hubby had a big breakfast, which actually had a steak on it (is that healthy, who cares!) He enjoyed it, but got a weirded out by the quinoa and pumpkin croquette (which little Leo loved and demolished instead)

The whole meal leaving us feeling great, grabbing some takeaway coffees and heading down to the beach to walk it off. I only wish I could get there more to sample their delightful fare.  I definitely recommend that you try it. it's worth it. Next time I might even venture to try their Kale version of hollandaise.

4 Lavarack Road, Gold Coast QLD 4218
(07) 5526 6565

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