Woodman's Axe - Mackay, Queensland

Brain is not functioning
Eyes are barely open
Only capable of monosyllabic words or grunts

Coffee Addiction

Sound familiar? This is me and my husband every morning.  Before we get our caffeine fix. I literally cannot function without a coffee and too long and I start to get a little shaky and withdrawal headaches. OK so that doesn't sound healthy does it?  But nothing smells more delicious to me first thing than a pot of freshly brewed coffee or the smell of coffee grounds.

So when we moved from Melbourne to Mackay and discovered that there was not a single place in town that consistently made good coffee I was devastated.  Note the emphasis on consistent. It's one thing to get a good coffee from a cafe every 3 months. But if I am going to frequent a restaurant, I want them to get it right, every single time I walk in there, no matter who made the coffee.

This was until Woodman's Axe opened.

Woodman's Axe which has two locations in Mackay is that place where coffee addicts/snobs feel welcome. They are as passionate about coffee as I am, and you can see that they are more than mere baristas they are artists.

Even though I live near the city store I actually drive out to the Northern Beaches store frequently, as they are open on Sundays and have a larger cabinet food selection.  Usually I will takeaway and go down to the local beach and have a wee picnic.

This Mothers Day however, it was a wet weather day, so we rugged up and dined in. You would think that cabinet food was easy, but Woodman Axe takes a simple sandwich or tart and makes a statement.  It is always enjoyable and I have yet to select something that I did not like.

First out was a Violet Crumble Muffin.  Just how a muffin should be, moist with a white chocolate icing and oozing choc chips on the inside. Probably not the best thing to give your 16 month old for lunch, but who cares, just spoil yourself.

Next was the corn and zucchini fritters with rosemary infused pancetta and avocado salsa.  This was my favourite of the day, crispy texture, with gooey avocado salsa, salty pancetta and sweet bursts of corn in every mouthful. Freaking amazing, I am even going to attempt to make something like this myself at home. Inspiring!

OK so we made pigs of ourselves and then ordered two more things. The chicken and basil pesto tart I have had before and knew we wouldn't go wrong.  This is also a favourite with my son, who loves the punchy basil flavour and the soft pastry.

Lastly a Salmon, Egg and Avocado Bagel, which we also enjoyed but was not my favourite. Not that it was bad mind you.  More like the second place sprinter in the 100m finals. Still classified a winner, but outshone by number one spot.

But the true star of this entire show is the coffee, I would say I have had over 50 coffees from both the store in the city and the Northern beaches cafe. Made by 6 different people and not once was my milk scalded or my coffee bitter.  The house coffee is delicious but a little too fruity to my tastes, but they regularly have guest blends and other bean options to keep your palate interested.

I rate Woodman's Axe the best coffee and lunch/brunch spot in town.  So check it out as soon as you can.

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  1. An enjoyable read as always. All sounds delish!!! xx


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