Cooking for pals. Asian Tofu Soba Noodle Salad.

Cooking for friends is an all time favourite of mine.  Sweet beats in the background, wine in hand, for womankind its when all the best gossip goes down, whilst cooking!  Usually this is a really quick salad, but when your in full cruise mode rolling in the red wine and laughter its a very casual recipe.  With just a flick of the pan here and there you don't need to stress about the finer details.  Its a throw together meal but with no love lost in flavours.

Tofu - seriously underrated.  And lets be honest most things fried are glorious.  This salad is fresh, intense in flavour and most importantly, delicious.  You could serve it up to a tofu hater and I can guarantee they would not complain.  Alternatively you could make it with fish on the side, slliced rare beef or lamb...its very versatile.  As cooking and chilling on a Saturday night with your GF should be!

1 x packet of soba noodles cooked el dente
Head of broccoli cut into small florets steamed
A couple of capsicums diced
Chopped herbs (basil and coriander are best)

Firm tofu diced and coated in:
Cornflour/salt/pepper/chilli flakes - use what dried herbs you want if chilli is not your forte

3/4 cup of toasted seeds (pumpkin/sunflower/sesame)
Toasted peanuts

1/4 cup Cider vinegar
2 tspn Sesame oil
2 tspn Fish sauce
2 tspn sweet soy sauce
2 tspn sweet thai chilli sauce
1 tspn Brown sugar
Finely grated clove garlic & ginger

Cook noodles and drain under cold water.
Fry tofu in oil - I like to do it for quite a while.  The longer. The crunchier. The better.
Mix the dressing to your taste.
Toss together cooked noodles/salad/herbs/tofu/seeds & nuts and then the dressing.

BOOM.  Flavour bomb.  Enjoy, relax cos now its time to finish off all the red wine you can find, laugh out loud, and dance around the lounge with the music on maximum volume.  If that's what your into....


  1. As said pal and GF I can confirm this was an epic taste explosion, so much so I took some to bed with me later that night...


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