Bread And Sniff It News - What's new for 2014

Well as you all know I have been really slack recently. No excuses, full responsibility here. To help take some pressure off and to appeal to a broader range of people, I have asked my bestie, a.k.a Zen, Smitty, Zenith the menace to join the Bread And Sniff It team.

Zen will post sometime in the next week and share her ethos and passion on food. No pressure Zen, but it better be good.

Based in Wellington, we both spend most of our time, sending images to each other of our delectable treats we create, so why not share that with the rest of the world.  I will leave Zen to explain more later in the week.  Oh if you don't know her she's the mega babe on the right in the picture above.

Also Bread And Sniff It has an instagram account. @breadandsniffit so get on there and follow us!  There will be more content than what we post on the website and sneak peaks of recipes to come.

Once again, we love hearing from you, so comment below and tell us what you think, or any recipes you would like to see.


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