I'm out of Hibernation

For those of you who didn't know and were wondering where all of my annoying facebook updates with recipes had gone to, 6 months ago I had a baby. And as parenting isn't something that comes naturally for me I went into hibernation and ran from my responsibilities.

It's funny how when I became a housewife, it changed my drive to do things. I managed to catch up on every single TV show that I have ever watched in my lifetime (which was at least 4 hours of TV watching every day), cared for my beautiful son (who is a happy little guy so I must have done an OK job) and tried to become a domestic goddess (which I failed at dismally) I HATE CLEANING.

At the beginning of June I went back to work part-time and took up a fitness challenge.  I find the busier I am the more motivated I become to get things done. So it's time to get back into the kitchen and get cooking new recipes again. 

I'll be posting my first recipe for you all tomorrow and it will be the perfect recipe for a chilly Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy xx


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