Does Broccoli Beat Cream?

Cook Meter: Amateur
Cost Meter:  $$

Trying to be healthy is like a nagging mother asking you to clean your room. You know you should do it, but sometimes you sit and watch another five minutes of a friends re-run you have already seen instead.

I'm still in that mode where I have to eat better, more veggies, more fruit, less takeout. I am definitely better than in my first trimester, but sometimes when standing in a supermarket aisle trying to play the "what shall we have for dinner" game with Nick, unhealthy options always just out first. 

The conversation goes like this:

Mel: "What should we have for dinner?"
Nick: " I don't know, I'll have whatever, what do you want?"
Mel: "What about creamy chicken pasta?"
Nick: "That's not very healthy..."
Mel: "I'll put veggies in it"

Lately this has been my answer for everything, making something I know is not healthy and then putting vegetables in it. Does broccolini and spinach override cream? Do they cancel each other out, or is your meal still overwhelming unhealthy? Do I even care.  Nope I don't.

Chicken and Vegetable Pasta.

400g of chicken thigh fillets
1/2 large brown onion
3 cloves of garlic
A bunch broccolini
200grams mushroom
A packet of spinach
300mls of cream
1 egg


  1. Heat a fry pan to a medium heat and brown the onion for 2 mins until soft, then add garlic.
  2. Put a pot of water on the boil. Add pasta and cook to aldente.
  3. Brown the chicken.  Once cooked add the rest of the chopped vegetables.
  4. Once the vegetables have softened add the cream and cook for 15 - 20 min. This will give the sauce plenty of time to take in the flavour of the broccolini and other vegetables.
  5. Turn the heat down on the element to a very low temperature, whish the egg and then add to the sauce, this will thicken the cream.
  6. Toss through the pasta, and then dish up with cracked black pepper and parmesan.


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