The Blushing Teacup

These days it feels like almost every man and his dog has a blog.  Most people groan when the next person jumps on the blog wagon, but I in particular love it.

It's a way that I can stay connected to friends flung far around the world whilst they talk about those things they love the most. 

Stacey from the Blushing Teacup is one of these people.  To be honest I didn't even know what high tea was until I was introduced to Stace.  She is one of those people that when you first met them you instantly fall in love with their infectious chuckle and cheery personality.

So I thought what better than to get her on my blog, and ask her a few questions about her passions and love of food.

What is your favourite food?I am a real sweet tooth. So my favourite food would be scones, cupcakes and pikelets. Actually, I love anything for morning tea, afternoon tea/high tea or dessert.

Why high tea? What is it that inspired you to write about tea, vintage pieces?I just love anything that is a bit Nana-like. It started with teacups, I love all the different designs, colours and patterns. And it just grew from there. I love hunting around op shops, antique stores and garage sales finding pre-loved bits and bobs. When I first got back to Melbourne I discovered the world of blogging. While I was on the job hunt I decided to make my own. It goes alongside my freelance graphic design work as my dream is to eventually have my own studio with a tea and pikelet shop on the side.
I enjoy taking photos, touching them up and designing very visual blog posts (I am not much of a writer). It is also a great way to get into the social media world, which is so intriguing. I put links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. It is so awesome to see how these all work together to create your footprint on the online world.

What celebrity chef would you like to meet and why?Jamie Oliver. I love his rustic way of cooking and using as many fresh ingredients as possible. We have his 30-Minute Meals on our bookshelf, and there are some amazing recipes in there. I have to confess it is my boy who tends to try them out, but I am a brilliant taste tester.

What is your favourite childhood food memory?We used to have a lady called Sylvie who would look after us when our parents went away. She made the most amazing pikelets you have ever eaten. She would always bring her pikelet griddle, which was the secret to her amazing fluffy pikelets, and most mornings we would wake up to pikelets for breaky before school. It was such a treat.

Another one is about my Gran. We would often go round to her house for dinner and she would make a delicious home-cooked meal. When we arrived everything was perfectly cooked, she would greet us in her apron at the door. Us kids would take turns climbing up onto her knee, while she sat in her lazy boy, and tell her all about our day. By the time all four of us had our special time with Gran, the peas were brown, the cabbage wilted and the carrots soggy. But it didn't matter because the most important thing to her was her time with her grandchildren. And we all thought the food tasted so much better because it was made by Gran.

What is your favourite meal that your Mum makes?As you have probably gathered my favourite meal is pudding, so my favourite thing Mum makes is Sticky Banana Pudding with Toffee Sauce.
I know by now I've peaked your interest in Stacey and the Blushing Teacup so if you want to read more about her head to her website, or any of her other online media links. And tune in next week for when I attempt to make her Mum's Banana Pudding with Toffee Sauce.


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