Wake up with Coffee Dominion

After spending a long weekend partying in Townsville there is one thing that had to be sorted for those lazy early mornings. A decent coffee.

Unfortunately after living in Melbourne for four years and finding that almost every cafe is well versed in the art of coffee, moving to Mackay has been a massive disappointment.

Every time we head to the big smoke the first thing we do is sort out the coffee situation. After a few trial and error moments, we finished our trip by popping into Coffee Dominion. A small cafe that deals mainly in coffee and selling beans. The smell of lovely roasted beans permeating through the air.

Usually a coffee with one sugar girl, the perfect coffee for me is a place that gets it so right that the coffee has its own natural sweetness. Coffee Dominion was this place, I haven't had a coffee this good in a long time.

And it's seems like everyone else knows it as well. In the five minutes that we waited another seven people ordered as well. Pretty good for seven a.m. on a Tuesday morning in the CBD.

So next time you go to Townsville, check this place out.



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