Leftovers and Frozen Vegies

Cook Meter: Intermediate
Cost Meter:  $

A while ago I went to a friend's house for dinner, she was a single mum and we were chatting about the price of food and trying to feed your children as healthy as possible.  As she was on a low income she said that she had to buy frozen vegetables as fresh ones go off too soon. Instantly I thought of how every week I find myself throwing out vegetables that within 4 or 5 days had withered and died.

Being able to incorporate frozen vegetables into your meals is a great idea. They are already prepared and ready in an instant, and you will actually finish the packet!  That night she made chicken pasties from a recipe in a the Womens Weekly cookbook and they were delicious and so simple when made with left over roast chicken.

Try it out next time you have some leftovers and frozen vegetables in your fridge, they are very easy to prepare and delicious.

4 pieces of frozen puff pastry
1 medium brown onion
2 cups chopped roasted chicken
2 cups frozen vege mix (peas, corn and carrot)
1/2 cups grated cheese
1/2 cup sour cream
1 tbsp dijon mustard


  1. Heat oven to 180 degrees celcius.
  2. Heat a pan and cook onions for 3 - 5 min until onions have softened.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients and cook until frozen vegetables are warm.
  4. Take a piece of pastry, use a 20 cm cake tin to press a circle shape.
  5. Place a quarter of the mixture onto one side of the pastry circle
  6. Fold the other half on top. Press down the edges with a fork.
  7. Cover with egg mixture, and cut two holes into the top of the pastry to allow the heat to escape.
  8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 with the remaining pastry.
  9. Place on an oven tray lined with baking paper
  10. Cook until the pastry is golden brown.
Just a quick note that I forgot to add:

1. Wait for the filling to cool before putting it in the pastry, it makes it much easier to handle
2. Don't put in too much filling, or your find your pastie will explode. It's still yum but not pretty.


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