Breaking the Rules for Mr Bones

I don't write restaurant reviews as I really cannot bring myself to write a bad one about a restaurant on my blog. I don't like the negativity of it all. At the same time when I go to a fantastic restaurant I want to rave about it, shout it from the rooftops. However if all of my restaurant reviews are good ones would you think that I am on one of those people who likes every restaurant I go to?

I can guarantee you that I am not. In fact I am incredibly fussy when it comes to restaurants and in particular service. The perfect trifecta for me is simple, well prepared food made from exceptional quality produce. A waitress/waitress that walks the line of being helpful and there when required whilst also not being too in your face or interrupting too much and a decor that is so wonderful you wished you could live there.

Mr Bones is one of these places.

A simple restaurant right on the edge of the Airlie Beach Lagoon we walked  in to find a shabby chic like interior, with old reclaimed wood tables, exposed brick walls, and retro chairs all lovingly restored.  A wonderful attentive waitress greeted five pretty hungover kiwis. We were each handed a menu and sat down to enjoy.

Chicken and Corn Pizza

Nick and I ordered the Chicken and Corn pizza and haloumi, salsa verde bruschetta type tapas and chips with aioli.

Lamb and Olive Pizza

Our other friends ordered the lamb pizza, and a mushroom pizza drizzled with truffle oil.

Mushroom, goats cheese and truffle oil

My bones has those perfect crispy pizza bases that can only be created with love.  Even Nick who is not a fan of crispy bases (there just not enough carbs for a growing boy like him) was won over by the crunch. Using a mashed corn paste as the base topping brought a sweetness that paired with the tart coriander, fresh lime and salty bacon was original and interesting.

Haloumi Bruschetta

The highlight of the day, the haloumi tapas. I wanted to marry that haloumi and the gorgeous caper filled salsa verde on top. Drizzled with lemon juice it blew my mind. The only downside to Mr Bones is that there isn't one in mackay so I can't go every weekend. The upside?!!?! I will be back Mr Bones in two weeks time. 

So if you are ever in Airlie Beach, take the time to go down to the lagoon and walk around to Mr Bones. A great little cafe that I was lucky enough to be introduced to.

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  1. I have only been to Mr Bones once when I was up in Airlie last September but I strongly agree with your very positive review! Great food, great location and great service!


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