Lame Jokes Make Me Smile - Mango Glazed Pork

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I love the really lame jokes. The ones that are supposed to not be funny always break me into fits of giggles. I must say that I am an easily entertained person and it doesn't take much to keep me happy. So when the recent Get Some Pork on Your Fork ads came out, I loved them. I know everyone else hates them. The look of bewilderment on the boyfriend's face when the friends say that he should "Pork" his girlfriend makes me smile.

Whenever we have pork chops they are always crumbed, it's just a habit. So this week we thought maybe we should get a bit more adventurous with our chops.  I had a look through my Jamie Oliver cookbooks and found something fast and easy. Exactly what I needed.

Mango Glazed Pork Chops - adapted from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food


1 Pork Chop per person
1 tbsp Mango chutney
Salt and pepper to season
Olive Oil


1. Using a sharp knife cut off the rind off the chops.  You could attempt to make crackling like the recipes said but I found that it took too long and wasn't worth it.

2. Cut slices through the fat every 1cm, this will help it render.

3. Coat in oil, salt and pepper and place in a hot frypan.

4. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes turning every minute.

5. Place your mango chutney on the pork chop and flip continously making sure the chutney covers the chop. 

6. Once it is properly coated, take out of the pan and rest for 5mins. 

I cut my chops into pieces, poured excess mango chutney from the pan on top and sprinkled with coriander.  I then served it with rice and a nice tomato and cucumber salad.


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