Happy Birthday Bread And Sniff It

Last week it was Bread And Sniff It's 1st Birthday.

I couldn't believe that I have managed to stick at this for over a year. In fact did you know that most cooking blogs do not last longer than 12 months...

I am one of those people that has a new hobby once a week, there was the spanish classes, the photography classes, owning a bookstore cafe.  Each one as fleeting as the next, where after a few weeks I found I was trying to run away from my ideas as fast as they had appeared in my head.

So looking back, did I manage to keep my promise and write one recipe a week for a year.  Well the answer to that was no.  I did however manage to write 69 posts, with this one being my 70th.  So YAY for me, let's see if I can make it through another year and stick at writing more recipes.

I should have baked a cake to celebrate but I didn't so I just gave myself a nice pat on the back instead.


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