Plan of Attack for 2011

Happy New Year Everyone. I hope you had a great Christmas holidays and are ready to jump into the new year with enthusiasm.

This feels like a brand new year for me and for that I want to lay a few goals for myself. I'm quite behind in my challenge of a recipe every week so I am going to do what I can to catch up on things.

So  this is what I have in-store for you in 2011. A whole lot of new recipe topics, things that will keep me interested and continuing to post! Hopefully it will keep you entertained as well. You can check out what the new things in-store for 2011 below.

ENJOY xoxo

My Favourite Things

Just like Julie Andrews on top of a mountain in Austria, I feel alive when I think about my favourite things. So I thought I would share them with you. And don't worry it's not a marketing ploy, I just want to share with you the things that I love and maybe we will discover that we are secret food kindred spirits

Not so Boring Breakfast

As a child a big Sunday breakfast was one of the highlights of my week. Waking up to hear Mum yelling out that breakfast was ready and smelling the bacon wafting up through my cracks in my bedroom door always got my stomach rumbling. It's also about one of the only meals that I can get Nick to go out to a restaurant for.

Sunday Breakfast is a family tradition that I plan on continuing. So to help with that, once a month I will post a breakfast recipe. Something that will make sure that you start your day with sunny disposition, and a warm comforted stomach.

Adventure Eating

I have always thought of myself as adventurous when it came to eating until we went travelling. I will always give something a try (that was instilled on me at an early age) but I have barely scratched the food work surface. Because of this once a month I am going to try a food or recipe that I have never EVER eaten before.

If I can, I will incorporate it into a recipe, if not I will just describe it to you, and maybe you will try some adventure eating too.

Reader's Recipe

I have had a few readers send through some recipes and I haven't had the chance to get too. SO this section is all about you the readers. I would love it if you can continue to email through your recipes to me aswell as a little blurb about yourself if you want.

Once a month I will try out this recipe, take photos and then post it. So the rest of the world can enjoy the recipe that you were kind enough to share with me.

Baking Bliss

I don't really bake very often because I am not good at it at all. So a little goal for myself is to try to bake something every month. The simple stuff. Traditional recipes your Mum probably cooked for you. Let's just hope that this war I seem to be constantly having with my oven will finally resolve itself.


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