If At First You Don't Suceed...

Throw a hissy fit and try something easier to make you feel better. This is exactly what I did after two failed attempts at making Choux pastry.  And that was when fate stepped in.

Recently at a work pot-luck lunch once of the guys made Creme Caramel.  I myself have never had it before and I was intrigued by the wobbly texture and sweet custard.

Whilst discussing the fact that I had to cook something french, someone quickly pointed out creme caramel is french, Voila!  So here is my attempt at Laura Calder from French Food at Home Creme Caramel. Wish me luck, cause if this doesn't work I may actually give up on French food altogether.

I cooked this recipe and it worked, thank god, however I didn't like the way it tasted and it in no way compared to the one that I had at work. Does that mean that this is a disaster too? Or am I just being honest with my palate?

What I am going to do is get the exact recipe from the person at my work and post that one straight away. So for now, enjoy the pictures of this recipe and I will post something later this week.


  1. I did, I tried it the other day I just need to hunt the person who made it and force them to give me the recipe.


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