I Declare War

I, Melanie Henry, as of the 1st of November declare war on Choux Pastry.  Choux will not control my kitchen or tell me what to do. I will reclaim my honour and my pride on the next battlefield. You may have won the last two battles Choux, but I swear on my new food processor that I will win the WAR.

As part of the French fortnight. I decided that I wanted to make Chocolate Eclairs. Choux pastry is just so quintessentially french that it was something that I had to give a go.

It all started on Saturday with what was called a "Fail safe Choux Pastry recipe".  All I can say is fail safe my bleep.  It all started off so well, then ended looking like an anorexic pastry stick which then encouraged Nick to parade around the kitchen holding them in an inappropriate way and making inappropriate gestures.  Maybe I should have listened at the warning - "You must use a fan-forced oven".

It all started so well

Tonight, I also tried to make them again, taking a different recipe, feeling a little more in tune with my oven, I went for profiteroles instead of eclairs.  I will tell you what, for the first 15 minutes my dreams had come true, but when I followed the instructions and pricked each one before cooking for 5 minutes on a lower heat, I was destroyed.  They deflated like my ego at the knowledge that I had failed in my pursuit of profiterole perfection.  I also think that the Choux sabotaged my cream because although I whipped it for 30mins, it would not thicken. Is something wrong with me?  Maybe I'm coming down with something.

However I will not let Choux Pastry get the better of me. I refuse to give up without a fight, or at least 3 or 4 more attempts. But seriously can anyone help me.? What am I doing wrong?  Do you have a recipe that works everytime.

I'm looking for allies. I know you are out there, and maybe with your help I can defeat Choux Pastry once and for all.


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