No One Ever Calls Me a Lady

Nick and I have been together for quite a while and we have reached that truly comfortable stage where we do things in front of each other that people can only do when they have been together for a very very long time.

Everytime I do one of things (and no I will not be going into specifics) Nick looks at me and says, "Urggh that's digusting." To which I reply, "Hey, you know what you got yourself into, I was never one of those prissy girls and no one has ever called me a lady."

I like to think of myself as one of the boys who likes to wear dresses every once in awhile. But even us tom-boys want to feel like a lady sometimes. And the one thing that I think of the most when I think of a Lady is High Tea.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who managed to find a place in Mackay that does High Tea. Deja Vu in Mackay, is a beautiful furniture and home good store in Mackay, that scream of the french provincial aesthetic that I love. When gazing dreamingly through the window one day we saw a group of  women drinking tea and discovered that they have their own tea house.

So myself, Lizzie and Carly all went and dined on their beautiful finger sandwiches, quiches, scones with chantilly cream, minicakes and tartlets. Washed down with a selection of beautiful teas it was glorious, although I did leave the store with an enormous food baby, as did my friends.

What really made the luncheon was the little things. The beautiful rose painted china, stunning teapots and my favourite the teaspoon you can see below. How cute is that!

So I recommend it. Get your girlfriends together and have some tea. I will be going back to my secret little girl haven very very soon.

For more details on booking in at Deja Vu for High Tea, please follow the link here or call 4951 2057


  1. I think women who can be themselves are the best women to be with! But even a tomboy deserves the time to be a lady, pamper herself and be waited on hand and foot....I mean if you didn't do that every now and then, us guys would think we never had to treat you any different than one of the guys!
    I'm glad you had the chance to go to a high tea, my wife loves them!

  2. I love how they piped on the cream. I always just slop mine on with a spoon (how un-ladylike!)

    It all looks scrumptious!


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