Getting back on the Wagon

Attention Everyone!!!

I am back, and this time with a vengence.  Just arrived back from Europe. I'm going to give myself three days to get myself into order and then I will coming at you with stories from my travels and new recipes that I cannot wait to try.

A quick update on Project Foodbuzz. I actually made it to the second level and then due to my travels totally missed the date on the second challenge. I was actually really disappointed in myself but to be honest there was a point when I remembered and then realised...hmmm the likelyhood of me being able to convince the hotel chef to cook in his kitchen is about the same as me winning lotto.

It's was all a little half assed if I really think about it.  So not only do I have four weeks of recipes to catch up on but I will make sure that next time I go on holiday that I am prepared and will never leave you in the lurch again.

Phew, got that off my chest.  I must get back to doing the laundry from my stinky backpack and giving my dog heaps of cuddles.  Be back next week!


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