Chicken and Chorizo Paella

The whole time I was in Spain the one thing I was looking forward to eating was the glorious traditional dish Paella.  Unfortuntately after a night of getting acquainted with San Miguel beer, I left it to my last day in Barcelona to find Paella and I also did something that you really shouldn't do when you are on holiday and looking for a good restaurant.

We experienced a mix of both good and bad restaurants while we were away but we found a common factor that all of the bad restaurants have.  It was us.  If we were tired or lazy whilst trying to find a restuarnt we would walk into the first one we found, my paella dish was one of these places.  It was possible the worst food experience we had the whole time we were there. I can't explain exactly why it was so bad, but for me to only eat of two or three spoonfuls says alot as I will usually eat ANYTHING even when I don't like it.

So over the weekend I started researching good recipes and as I am currently addicted to Junior Masterchef, I thought I would give Anna Gare's recipe a go. I've removed the seafood as I think I have enough ingredients but found this is actually alot easier than I ever thought it would be. Maybe I should just experience the world from my kitchen instead.


500g Chicken
250g Chorizo
1 tsp of smoked Paprika
1 red capsicum, chopped into 1cm cubes
200g green beans chopped into 3cm length
1 Finely chopped onion
5 cloves of garlic (make sure your hubby eats it too, cause you will have garlice coming outof your pores!)
1 large chilli
2 cups of spanish rice or rissotto rice
1/2 cup of white wine
5 cups of chicken stock


1. Add a small amount of oil to a paella pan (or just a large flat pan will do) and cook the sliced chorizo. Remove the chorizo but do not clean the pan. In the words of Anna Gare "release the spanish flavours"

2. Cut the chicken into small pieces, coat with paprika and half cook the chicken.

3. Lightly fry the capsicum and beans and then set aside away from the meat.

4.  Take the chopped onion, garlic and chilli and fry in the pan for a couple of minutes. Add the rice and mix thoroughly.

5.  Layer the cooked ingredients on top of the rice, place the chicken first so that it will cook the whole way through.  You will not be stirring the dish while it is cooking.

6. Add the wine and stock and cook until the liquid is absorbed.  Take the pan to the table and get everyone to help themselves.


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