And The Winner Is.........Me!

As you all know I am competitive (if you don't check out this post).  So whilst travelling around everything was a competition. Nearly every day this is how a conversation with Nick would go.

Me: "Ohh this is delicious... but how would it rate in the top meals of the trip"
Nick: "This one is definitely the best so far."
Me "Ok then, better than the best meal you have had in your LIFE"
Nick: "I don't know Mel, can I just eat it without having to rate/judge it"

Actually if you asked Nick the conversation probably didn't sound anything like that, wait I'm distracting myself. The point of this train of through is that we would have been on about 12 different tours and the one I will talk about today was the best, the ultimate. If a tour's awesomeness was like a boxing match, then this one was Rocky - Heavyweight Champion of the World.

The Paris Champagne Tour went above and beyond your standard tour. Yes it was on the expensive side but I would have paid double for the enjoyment that we had on the day.

It started with being picked up from the hotel in a bus, where we were served pastries and guatemalan coffee.  It was here that we first met our guide Trong.  He was personable and genuine. Giving you as much information as you can carry and showing you the stories and life in the region.  Not once was I bored and it really all comes down to his ability to entertain.

We started the day at a small family run champagne house Jean Claude Mouzon. This was my favourite, the husband and wife owners were so down to earth and it was wonderful to hear the tour in French and then have it translated by our guide into English.  We had a quick run through on the process of making champagne, with a proper demonstration of the traditional method of removing the sediment in the bottles.  It was finished off with tasting (my favourite part). In fact I fell in love with one of their wines, we even bought two bottles and the matching glasses to take home (which only lasted the two more days we had in Paris).

We later carried onto a beautiful French bistro in the city of Reims for lunch.  I wish I could tell you about this right now but I will delve deeper next week when I review the restaurant.

The Reims Cathedral followed, which ended up being astounding. It was a Saturday morning and yet the crowds were small which was a great relief after being stuck surrounded at every other tourist destination we had to been to.  Reims Cathedral was historically and visually astounding.  Both beautiful and mysterious it was a place I would love to go to again and again.

Lastly we did a tour of the Taittinger house, famous for its underground chalk cellars.  Walking down step after step you immediately feel the temperature drop to 10 degrees. The perfect temperature for fermenting champagne.  All this allowed you to imagine just what it would have been like sneaking through these tunnels in the Second World War.

After one more tasting (and yes another bottle of wine) we were on our way back, feeling slightly tiddly, very full and content. 

Oh yeah and if you are wondering why I am a winner, it's because at the end of this amazing day whilst drinking Taittinger along the Seine, NICK PROPOSED AND I AM OFFICIALLY ENGAGED.

If you are EVER in Paris please take a look at this tour, it will be the best you ever did. In fact Nick and I plan on going back to do it again on a future wedding anniversary. How Romantic!


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