Adios Amigos - La Boqueria Markets

Today is actually the official start of my french fortnight. But I couldn't end the week without showing you some photos of La Boqueria markets.

It's a treasure trove of deliciousness, everything painstakingly placed individually to make the most of every item, every single one.

I'm not going to ruin it with too many words, just enjoy the pics!

La Boqueria Markets

Best Nectarine Ever - ignore the chipped nail polish
Fruit Galore

Oops, how did that one get in here.
Meaty Goodness

And the best way to finish it is with a whole pile of lollies. Happy Imaginings people and I will be back with a French Treat on Wednesday.


  1. I love going markets overseas, I think it's an even better way to get to know the local cuisine than eating out.

    At Granville Island, Vancouver Shane & I ate so many kinds of smoked salmon & crab from the market it was redonkulous!

  2. smoked salmon and crab! Those are a few of my favourite things, add prawns, crayfish and scallop and it would have been heavenly. Agreed those some of the best meals we had would be some beautiful, bread, cured meats and cheeses.


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