Week 2 Healthy Eating

Week 2 of healthy eating and all is well. I have actually been making my lunch everyday instead of relieving the pie truck of all it's sausages rolls. I have been really enjoying it, which is surprising. It's always the half hour before a healthy lunch or dinner that I am at my weakest. I think, urggh fruit salad and yoghurt for lunch, that doesn't sound as delightful as a fishburger with chips. But like going to gym, once I get there it is fine, it's just leading up to it that I hate.

So my challenge this week with my healthy eating meals is why can't I take my favourite dishes and then just come up with a healthier version of these meals. It's possible isn't it? Hmmmmm I think so. That way I won't be dreading eating my healthy meals and hopefully this week I won't succumb to a sneaky trip to MacDonalds on Sunday afternoon.
Wish me luck!


  1. I make a cracking good blueberry, oat kangaroo burger on wholemeal buns with lots of salad & low fat cheese. They're pimply teenage boy approved.

    Keep up the good work. I know it is hard eating healthy with a food blog. On the weekend I was cleaning my kitchen & unpacking a few things & I dropped a peg in a pat of soft butter. I instantly picked it up & was about to lick the butter off without even thinking. My brain is programmed to eat everything within arms reach.

  2. Shannon, you are hilarious. If only people knew the things I eat when I am not actively trying to healthy. But that is story for another day!

  3. It's possible to trim down the fat/cals but keep the flavor in food. Good luck!

  4. You are doing a great job! I just found your blog on Foodbuzz and I love reading about how different people figure out what healthy eating/living is.
    It is totally possible to make your favorite dishes with a few substitutions to "helthify" them. Good luck, it will be loads of fun. I'm doing some recipes inspired by Resistant Starches with have some killer filling factor and are low in calories/packed with nutrients. If you want to check them out go to www.simplymaren.com. I'm breaking out the first one today (monday ;-)).

  5. I am totally right there with you about that half hour before lunch and dinner and the gym. Looking forward to following you and learning some new recipes! Thanks for sharing!! :)


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