Let me introduce myself

it's about time I updated this page. So here we go.

Hi, My name is Mel I am 28, nearly 29 year old, that lives in Mackay Queensland. I am an ex-pat kiwi who has fierce love for sports, exercise, my dogs, my husband, my soon to be baby and all things New Zealand.

I created this blog as a way to keep all of my recipes together in one place.  I wanted a way to share all of the recipes that I love with the people that I care about without having to email or write out recipes like my mum has to every time I try remember some great dish she used to cook for us as kids.

Mackay is a great town to live in but I spend a lot of my time trying to track down foods that are just not readily available. So a goal of mine is to start making things with the local produce here. There is a Queenslander in me surely.

The name of my blog comes from my wonderful mother. As a child, I was demanding and had an addiction to butter (you will hear about this later). Every night I would constantly ask what every child/husband does of the main cook in the house, “Muuuuuuum, what’s for dinner?”. Sometimes in frustration or through lack of ingredients in the cupboard and food in the fridge she would tell us, “Bread and sniff it” to which I would reply, “Yeah but what’s that”. Gracefully my mother would walk to the bread bin, pull out a piece of bread, hand it to me and say, “there you go, there’s the bread, now sniff it”.

It would frustrate the hell out of me at the time, but looking back it brings a smile to my face and a chuckle to my Mother’s lips. So from this inspiration I am going to try to concentrate on two things, low cost family food recipes, and variety of meals.
Lastly before I go, Mum this is for you, to show you how much you inspire me and because I know when I have a family of my own I am pretty sure I will say the same thing to my children.


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