Naughty and Nice

Mackay is currently in the middle of the annual Festival of the Arts. Last year, unfortunately I didn't take part in any of the events. This year, I decided to make the most of what Mackay has to offer me.

The first thing that I took part in was the Ruby Red Burlesque Ball. The mix of food, wine, Burlesque dancers and dress-up themes sounded right up my alley. I however went for a more modest dressup approach and took on the role of a 1950's housewife outfit, that would not set any pulses racing.

The night itself was hilarious, from the range of outfits worn by myself and others, to the delectable wine and food that was on offer. Frankie Valentine was my favourite performer of the night, but it was the people attending the ball that truly made it.  I met wonderful women, and even got a preview of the dance from the woman who won "dance off" mid way through the evening. So from this night of provocative frivolity I drew my inspiration for my two recipes this week.

Firstly let me explain that burlesque to me is a celebration of being a woman and being sexy. It's not just flashing your bits around, it's about toying the line between being a vixen and a lady. So my theme for this week is naughty and nice. And when I think of these things the first two ingredients that pop into my head are chocolate for naughty and strawberries for nice.

So come back later this week so you can see how I go with creating two different desserts out of these great ingredients.
See you soon!


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