Marg's Cheese Scones

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I trust little old ladies. Doesn't everyone? The thing I trust the most about them are their recipes. They have spent a lifetime testing and trialling, essentially perfecting their “secret recipes”. After 70 to 80 plus years of experience I doubt that they would waste their time with a recipe that is just no good.
Margs Cheese Scones
So when Richard Till from Kiwi Kitchen introduced me to Marg Wright (when I say introduce, I actually mean, she was on his show, I watched, we are best friends now you know) I knew that her scone recipe would work for me.

Before I start on this one I must warn you, I'm crap at making scones. Everytime I try they are either hard or doughy lumps or burnt on the bottoms. In the spirit of Bread and Sniff It I am going to give it one last shot, and if a Teatowel addict can trust Marg Wright and her scone recipe than so can I.

After making these scones I couldn't believe that they work, this is a success story indeed. But do you have a great scone recipe that you want to share? If you do email it in to and maybe it will be your scone recipe that I will share next time.

4 1/2 cup plain flour
4 tsp cream of tartar
2 tsp baking soda
1 x 300ml bottle of cream
1 x 330 ml can of lemonade
2 cups tasty grated cheese
Sift dry ingredients together.
Stir in grated cheese. I made a well in the centre and then poured in cream & lemonade.
Mix to combine.
Pat out to shape cut into 12-15 scones. I cut them into 16 and they were massive, so you may get away with even more than that.
Place the scones close together on a tray

Bake at 220c until golden for 20 minutes or so.


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