The very beginning

Hi! And Welcome to Bread and Sniff it. This is a food blog about my journey to becoming a better home cook. I am just an average 26 year old girl who wants to experiment and cook food for the people I love (with as few disasters as possible). My inspirations are my Mum and Nana. Two brilliant cooks with fantastic recipes that I was brought up on. But I also want to push myself, make things and taste foods from around the world.

My goal is pretty simple, to cook at least one new recipe every week. Big, small, sweet, savoury, it doesn’t matter. I want to expand my food horizons! So I am finally going to dust off my cook books and magazines and start making the beautiful recipes that are hidden inside those pages. I also want all of you guys, out there in cyberspace, to send in your secret recipes that I can try as well.

I am nowhere near the best cook in the world and I am going to say that the majority of my “experiments” will go awry but that’s all part of the fun. So hopefully you will join me, contribute and come along for what will surely be a bumpy but exciting ride.

Make mistakes, make a mess, make a meal, Enjoy


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